New User FAQ

  • How do I make a post?

    It's easy! From the homepage, simply click on the words ASK or OFFER according to what you'd like to do. Pick an informative, concise title and write your post. Don't forget to include the location(s) and tag(s)relevant to the post.

  • I only want to see asks and offers in my city. Can I see only those?

    You have a couple of options here:

    1. Filter: You can filter by popular locations in the filter menu.
    2. Search: You can also search for your location in the search bar.
    3. Set Custom Alerts: You can set a customized alert to inform you via email about future asks and offers in your city. Set customized alerts under ”set up alerts” in the drop down menu from your profile picture.
  • How do I edit my profile?

    You can edit your profile by clicking “edit profile” in the drop-down menu from your profile picture in the top right corner of the homepage. You can change your profile picture, edit your personal information, and link up your social media accounts.

  • I want to respond to a post, but I don't want to share my response publicly

    Generally, we encourage commenting publicly. Every comment can be a contribution to the collective knowledge and resources that Switchboard has to offer your community. Of course some information needs to be shared privately. You can directly message a user with the “message me” button just below their post or on their profile.

  • I found an awesome opportunity on Switchboard that would be perfect for my friend/sister/roommate.

    Share it! You can repost an ask/offer on Twitter or Facebook as well as send the post to a friend via email. Just click the “share” button located below the post. Your friend will need to log in or create an account in order to view the post.

  • No one has responded to my awesome ask/offer. Why?

    We're glad that you've asked/offered something so awesome! Patience is a virtue on Switchboard but so is exposure. Consider reposting your ask/offer on Twitter or Facebook with the “Share” button below your post. Even if it takes too long for someone to respond to your post, know that the information you've shared will be a valuable resource to someone in the community in the future.

  • How will I know that someone has commented on my post? Do I have to log in every day to check?

    No, you'll receive notification of all comments and messages as long as you have email notifications enabled in your settings.

  • Switchboard is super cool but I don't want to have to check it every day. Can I have it tell me when something new and exciting is posted?

    You can! You can set up custom alerts so that you receive an email about posts you might be interested in. Set one to notify you of recent job offers in NYC, and another for advice on llama herding. You can set custom alerts under ”set up alerts” in the drop-down menu.

  • I made a great connection on Switchboard, and I want to tell everyone about it!

    We're so happy for you! Please do. Make sure you thank your connection directly and also log a success on the post. Just click “log a success” at the bottom of the post. Also feel free to shout it out on Facebook and Twitter and encourage people to check out Switchboard to make successful connections like yours.

  • I responded to a post on Switchboard with some really useful information, but I didn't hear back about any of it. I'm feeling under appreciated.

    While we hope that everyone knows to say thank you, sometimes they forget. Maybe they've decided to go a different direction, or maybe they got so caught up pursuing the leads you've given that they barely had time to come back and say thanks. Whatever the reason, we're sorry they didn't say thank you, and we'd like to say it for them. Thank you! Every post and comment on Switchboard contributes to the wealth of resources publicly available to your community. Even if this person doesn't follow up with your lead, hopefully some future human will come along and see that you're the one to talk to about it. We hope you'll keep sharing.

  • I made a post and got a bunch of comments and leads, but I can't follow up with all of them.

    That's awesome. It's great to see a community reach out to help one another. Please remember to comment and say thank you, even just to acknowledge the people who responded to your post.

  • I found an inappropriate post on Switchboard. Who should I tell about it?

    Flag it and your founder will address the situation.